Atlanta International Counseling


The Challenge

Atlanta International Counseling’s website was missing an opportunity to connect with new clients due to jumbled content and unclear messaging on the variety of specialties and services they offer.

The Solution

We focused on the homepage content to help users understand quickly what services are available and used custom landing pages to showcase targeted offerings. Visual design turned content strategy into a welcoming online experience.

Keeping it simple

Making the content easy to understand was key, so we broke it up into digestible bits. Once we had smaller sections of content, we visually highlighted the messages with icons, bullets and visual cues.

Responsive Design

Especially since a core target audience is young adults, it was important that the website be fully responsive. During the redesign, we redefined brand colors and typography to give the brand a warmer, modern and open feel.

Landing Pages

Atlanta International Counseling offers very unique treatments options for different groups. So it made sense to highlight each of these with a unique landing page, increasing the potential client touchpoints.

A multicultural counseling practice for body and mind

Atlanta International Counseling is practice that believes in inclusivity, multiculturalism, and human wholeness. They offer unique treatments such as expatriate counseling, therapeutic counseling for teens, and tre® (tension, stress and trauma release).
Viviane Hens & Ana Maria Storino
Web Development & Strategy:
Bear Double

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