QuotePro Logo & Brand Materials

The Challenge

QuotePro, a financial services technology company, was looking to modernize their visual identity and consolidate multiple sub-brands under one umbrella. Their previous logos lacked consistency and didn’t make an effective and memorable branding mark.

The Solution

In order to successfully drive the brand forward, we created a new logo family and added modern typography and dynamic elements that could be carried through the various sub-brands and products. A digital branding guide tied together iconography and photography styles that gave QuotePro flexibility within a defined structure.

Building a solid foundation

As the first step of refreshing their marketing initiatives, QuotePro needed a logo that would set them apart from the competition. We started with the symbol to create a mark that worked as a visual abbreviation of the brand name and gave this established company a digital-first feel. We added a clean and modern typeface and created variations to work across platforms.

Defining the brand

The brand was rebuilt from the ground up, redefining basic elements such as brand colors and typography. A branding guide was created to clarify to the team what the new brand was and how to best use it. Since this branding was carried through the various groups, we were able to ensure that every QuotePro brand and product looked consistent. 

A modern approach and application

The elements defined in the branding guide created a powerful tool set for the brand. The photography style provided a consistent look, while the brand colors created unity. Layered diagonal shapes create a dynamic separation between elements and a unique and modern layout.

QuotePro’s new brand

QuotePro just went through an extensive rebrand. From logo to website to apps and kiosks, the whole brand went through a fundamental change. The result was a comprehensive and exciting new direction. You’ve seen one part of it here, check out the other case studies below.

A FinTech company that’s making cash hot again

QuotePro is a rapidly-growing financial services technology company with a unique product proposition. Their product offerings are centered around cash. From various kiosks, to mobile apps, websites and call centers, all of their solutions present clients with a pain-free way to handle cash in their businesses.
CEO: Marco Freudman
VP of Sales: Chris Albu
Design & Strategy: Bear Double
Marketing & Strategy: Collingwood Marketing

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