Mason Diasio Realty Group Website

The Challenge

Metro Atlanta is a crowded market and standing out can be tough for real estate agents. Dan Mason and Angela Diasio needed a way to communicate to their customers how they were different than other real estate agents.

The Solution

The first step to make Mason Diasio stand apart was to make them feel familiar and relatable. We created content that let Dan and Angela related to their clients on a personal level. For those selling their homes, we describe in detail the process so that they’re comfortable and know what to expect. For the ones searching for a new home, we highlighted the reasons for moving and how we can solve them. All while positioning Mason Diasio as experts in the Atlanta metro area.

Leveraging our metrics

Our primary goal was to build trust with any new clients who would come to the website. To do that, we leveraged sales metrics. The metrics demonstrated Mason Diasio’s outstanding results and showcased their expertise in a quick and easy manner.

Creating connection points

We utilized client profiles to target our message to different audiences. The copy was simple and direct. It tackled the challenges honestly and provided strategies to their clients.

Functionality and versatility

The site has a custom real estate listing search that quickly delivers tailored results to their clients. This feature also highlights the properties that are listed by Mason Diasio. Clients can also navigate by neighborhood. The images associated with the neighborhoods give a glimpse of the type of home that might be found in that area.

A real estate group that’s taking Atlanta by storm

Mason Diasio is a real estate partnership established in 2014 by Dan Mason and Angela Diasio within the Atlanta Communities Real Estate Brokerage Firm. Their goal is to give the local community a chance to explore real estate throughout several neighborhoods in Metro Atlanta.

Partner: Angela Diasio
Partner: Dan Mason
Design & Strategy: Bear Double

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