Home Therapy Solutions Brand Identity

The Challenge

Home Therapy Solutions is a healthcare company that focuses on providing occupational, speech and physical therapy to the elderly population. Being that they were a new business, they needed a brand that felt both established and trustworthy to their clients.

The Solution

Our strategy was to focus on the support and care that Home Therapy Solutions provided. As such, we selected a calming teal as our primary color and balanced it with a strong, but neutral charcoal. Our main branding element is an abstract flower that showcased the delicate care that is needed when working with the elderly and the beautiful results that can come from it.

The symbol

The symbol we developed for Home Therapy Solutions plays an important role both in the logo and in the overall branding.

As a company that operates in the healthcare industry providing at-home rehab care for the elderly, it was important for Home Therapy Solutions to 

The personalized care that Home Therapy Solutions provides to the elderly is a defining character of the company. When developing the logo, we wanted to identify a way to represent that care and the fact that there are multiple therapists coming together to help their patients improve their health. 

We did that by creating a natural and feminine look to the logo, while also visually suggesting the idea of personalized care. That’s why we chose to use that abstract shape that resembles a flower or some sort of organic shape while still being symmetrical.

A flexible mark

Unlike other logos, we felt the need to develop this one into three distinct logo marks, a horizontal logo, a vertical logo, and a circular seal. The seal added an extra flourish to the brand. It could be used in scenarios where a circular shaped would be preferred or as a special application on some promotional items.

Icons and photos that make the difference

We customized a series of icons that were used throughout the website and other marketing materials to represent our process, the services we offer and conditions that we can help with. These custom icons became part of Home Therapy Solutions’ brand identity.

Building the vision

Home Therapy Solutions is a Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy business that is focused on helping their clients rehab where they want – at their own home. It’s important that their marketing 

Burch Renovation is a full-service remodeling company that focuses on small projects that can have a big impact on their customers lives. As such, they can work on projects that require various trade disciplines. We highlighted those disciplines in their individual pages, detailing exactly what Burch Renovation can do on each discipline to help their customers.

We also established pages for projects that combined multiple disciplines such as refinishing basements, remodeling bathrooms, decks & porches and age-in-place. Doing so allowed us to connect with customers in a different manner, and position Burch Renovation as a company that can transform your home. 

Mobile first

As often is the case with consumer-facing websites, it was important that Burch Renovation’s website was designed with the mobile experience in mind. We ensured that the website was easy to navigate and scroll through, and that all the content was legible and accessible.

Home Therapy Solutions’s website

The Burch Renovation team is proud to foster a culture of hard work in their team. They think of themselves as worker bees who work tirelessly and in unison to create the perfect hive. This idea inspired us to create the branding and to expand this concept into the website with the creation of elements that told that story visually.

A Healthcare company empowering the elderly to live at home

Home Therapy Solutions’ mission is to give the elderly the care that they need to stay at home. By creating a long-term plan for them and using occupational, speech and physical therapy, they are able to grant the elderly their independence back.
Owner: Regina Sitterley
Design & Strategy: Bear Double
Video: Slate828 Productions
Business Planning & Process Development:
Business Innovation Team
Website: GAHomeTherapy.com

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