QuotePro Website

The Challenge

The leadership at QuotePro wanted to refresh their site to improve the way their clients discovered their offerings and solutions, and to align the website to the new brand identity that Mass Appeal developed.

The Solution

The heavy-lifting went into the strategy used to develop a new content structure for the site that provided a better defined path and understanding for QuotePro’s clients. The visual refresh took advantage of all the key elements developed for the rebrand, using them to establish a clear hierarchy to the content.

Structuring the content

As a company that offers product solutions that can be utilized at a plethora of industries, QuotePro almost has too many options. Through the site design process we had to find a balance between how to showcase all those possibilities without overwhelming the user. By condensing some of the options into clearly defined categories, the redundancy of information was decreased. Furthermore, by interconnecting the content in an organic way the user was able to navigate the site and be exposed to relevant, but not repetitive content.

Redefining the user experience

The visual redesign of the brand, was brought in not just as a skin, but as a key element that would tie together the user experience. By consistency using color fields, dividers, and icons, we developed a recognizable usage pattern for the site’s visitors.

QuotePro’s new brand

QuotePro just went through an extensive rebrand. From logo to website to apps and kiosks, the whole brand went through a fundamental change. The result was a comprehensive and exciting new direction. You’ve seen one part of it here, check out the other case studies below.

A FinTech company that’s making cash hot again

QuotePro is a rapidly-growing financial services technology company with a unique product proposition. Their product offerings are centered around cash. From various kiosks, to mobile apps, websites and call centers, all of their solutions present clients with a pain-free way to handle cash in their businesses.
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Chris Albu
Web Development & Strategy:
Bear Double
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